Spiceworks Data Export: Do You Need It And How To Accomplish

Spiceworks is a tool known by every IT company for its simplicity and usefulness in terms of quick collaboration. This tool is really indispensable if you're looking for an instrument to inventory, monitor, report on, and troubleshoot your network. The only question that may arise is how to quickly and safely accomplish Spiceworks export . In this article, we will give you a simple yet effective solution.

What is Spiceworks?

Spiceworks is an impressive customer support solution that is ideal for IT professionals to deal with work-related issues. It is an excellent instrument for IT experts, vendors, and specialists to assist each other and collaborate.

This is a great option both for large companies and small ones. The price and system's functioning make it a universal option that will cover all the needs of an IT company. It has a downloaded ticketing system and is hosted for free, making it perfect for small companies looking for an in-house help desk at an affordable price. Besides, it is totally free and is supported by showing ads that can be turned off if you wish to pay for it.

The number of top companies that use Spiceworks speaks for itself. Over 200 advertisers, including Microsoft, Rackspace, Symantec and Dell, rely on Spiceworks to research, engage, market and sell their products and services in the SMB market. So, this tool is really a powerful one. Then, why to choose another platform?

The thing is that in May 2021, Spiceworks informed users that its on-premise software (Legacy Desktop) would no longer be maintained or supported by Spiceworks, unavailable for future download. In fact, it means EOL (end-of-life) of the company.

As the result, many companies decided to export their data from Spiceworks to another platform. Though it's still possible to use Spiceworks, maybe, it's time to try something new.

But here lies the issue: how to export all your data including tickets if you haven't done it before? We believe that there's a perfect solution that won't require much time or resources. In this case, the process of the data export isn't too hard to accomplish even if you re new to it. In fact, you can do it in a few hours using the right instrument. So, how to export data from Spiceworks to the needed platform keeping all your data safe?

How to accomplish Spiceworks data export

If you google this question in the title, you may find a number of options to export your data to another platform. But the thing is that many of these step-by-step instructions can be applied only in several cases. But what if it's not your case? Still, you need to export the data in short terms keeping it safe.

In this case, the better way is an automated migration solution. It will save your time and help to avoid a lot of mistakes. With such an instrument the steps are much more simple which makes the whole process much easier. For example, Help Desk Migration offers a tool that is simple to use but allows to finish the data export in a short time.

The steps are as follows:

1. First, you need to connect your Spiceworks and targeted help desk solution to the Help Desk Migration tool.
2. Then choose all the necessary data that you need to export to the desired help desk system.
3. Don't forget to map the data fields correspondingly. If you have any questions regarding this, you can read the guides or contact the support team. They answer quickly and can solve all arising problems in a few minutes.,br> 4. Now you can begin a test migration applying the Free Demo Migration. It allows you to see what the final result will look like without paying for it. It's essential to try out the tool before making the decision so that you can be sure about it.
5. Now, if you’re pleased with the results, choose the Full migration. After this, your Spiceworks business data will be safely exported to the new software.

Such automated tools make the process much easier, also, you'll quickly get answers to all your questions by contacting the support team that controls the process and ensures that it goes perfectly well.

But if the automated option doesn't suit you for any reason, you can do it in a custom way as well. For this, just reach out to the support team and describe what you need. The team will tailor the data export flow to your requests so that you get exactly what you need. In this case, it is also possible (and necessary) to test the tool before making any changes. Free Demo Migration allows seeing the final result. After this, you may choose Full Data Migration and get the needed result.

So, even if you face some problems searching for possible options to move your data to another platform, don't be discouraged. Many did it before you, and it's totally safe to say that you'll do successfully it as well.

To sum up

We presented 2 most simple ways to export the data from Spiceworks to another platform, and we hope it helped you a bit. The main advice here is not to hesitate to reach out to those who have expertise in this field. They've done it many times, so they can help solve possible issues much more quickly than you may think.


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